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Mostly at 400mm!

When I say FLOWERS people say MACRO, in a Pavlovian way that amuses me. Well, for me, flower photography does not mean going into the intimacy of flowers. I prefer to use a long lens and keep my distance.

It seems hard for some people to believe my pictures are done in such a way. I do use macro, though. In fact, I’ve three macro lenses, from the old 100mm macro (no IS, no USM, just a noise of gears moving) through the 60mm for APS-C , ending on the new 100mm macro all “bells and whistles” - I mean L, IS and USM - , which costs a fortune. But when I go out to photograph flowers, the first lens I pick up is my trusty 100-400mm. It is already falling apart, this is the second lens of this type I own, but I simply love the results.

So, now you know the reason behind the little eBook I created: to share my experience with flower photography. In it I try to explain that I do not use tripods, small apertures or macro.

The resulting images cover most of the pages in the eBook, although I also show images taken with compacts and even Smartphones. You can check some of them here.

If they inspire you, go out and try to do the same. But for one time do not mix MACRO and FLOWERS in the same sentence!

Sit, Watch, Meditate!

My simple recipe to get the best flower photographs: sit, watch, meditate. Be contemplative, “feel”your subject. When was the last time you got down on your knees to photograph a flower?


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The eBook is a 36 page practical guide with 38 photographs of flowers and tips for you to achieve the results people like on my flower images. There are no notes on exposure or special techniques as exposure is very much limited by the lens in use and the options I take in terms of aperture. There are also no special effects, or Photoshop tricks. This is much what was captured in the field.

To buy the eBook, please use the PayPal payment system and send, afterwards, copy of transcation to the author. A download link will be provided to you. Thank you!

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