Table Top Made Easy


Table Top Made Easy

The practice of tabletop photography can start with a sheet of paper, some cardboard and window light. But soon you'll want more control in your own little studio. That’s what this activity is all about.

We will start in a very simple way, and go from there to techniques that will allow you to achieve results like those shown on the photographs. I will take you through the different settings and explain how to control light to get similar results.

Explore the techniques with me, learning the basics to build your own collection of objects found at home, be it jewelery or a collection of shell. This is a unique experience on the use of natural light, flash, diffusers and reflectors, all done in a studio that can built over a table for each new session and adapted to the different needs of the subjects photographed.

This workshop is better suited for Canon users, as I know the system inside out when it comes to flash and how it works. Other camera brands are welcome, but you’ve to know the basics of how your flash system and your camera work together. Bring your camera and gear!  If you use Canon you'll have the chance to experiment with some of the stuff I use, like the Phottix Odin flash triggers, but even if you've other brands there's a chance to try the Phottix Atlas triggers that are not brand specific.


Where: Indoors

When: by arrangement

Cost: €100/person

Deposit: €40

Group Size: 2  

Highlights: Learn to photograph using a table top studio


To register, or if you have any questions, please send email to info[at]joseantunes[dot]com.