atlantic realm

This a special photo tour for foreigners or for Portuguese not familiar with the area of Sintra, just outside Lisbon. It's a journey of exploration of a stretch of coast facing the Atlantic Ocean. It runs, normally, between October and late June, in other periods under request.

The Atlantic Realm tour started as a personal project, but so many people have asked about the places and how I create my pictures that I decided to set it as a photo tour. So, my Atlantic Realm project, a collection of pictures that encompasses an idea of longing for the point of origin, Atlantis in the myth, is now a photo tour I can share with you. But I am not searching for those seacapes always empty of human presence that everybody seems to be doing. A fishing rod or a shellfish collector facing the rage of the waves are welcome and will serve as a mark of Humanity, as if a sign of Atlanteans emerging from the Ocean. It's that attraction of people for the coastal areas that interests me and makes me use my camera.

The Place
Living in an area where the coast seems to have been chiseled by a mad sculptor that left work before finishing it, immersed in the multiple legends of fauns, sirens, strange beings (even flying saucers) that abound here, one is bound to feel that one’s living on the border of a strange, magic world. And

having this coast, as some say and write, as the remains of the Atlantis myth, doesn’t help. This is the setting for this tour.

The Tour

Tuition is included (I'll show you how I created my images and the choices made), with general photography guidance for you to get the most of the day, it's a photo tour created for photographers that only need a guide and means to move around fast on their own and want to dedicate their time to photography and not much else. Time schedule, destinations, meal hours and various options can be discussed to adapt the tour to your or the group needs. There can be no guarantees of what you will see on your outing. However, you can greatly improve your chances and reduce your impact on the land by following three logical steps: take responsibility for your own actions, respect the interests of others and care for the environment.

Where: Sintra area (Portugal)
When: by arrangement
Cost: €70/person
Group Size: 3
Highlights: A tour made to satisfy your interest for the coastal areas of West Portugal, around the area of Sintra.
Registration: To register, or if you have any questions, please send email to info[at]joseantunes[dot]com.