the surf sanctuary

A paradise for surfers, a delight for photographers, the Atlantic Coast around the Sintra and Ericeira areas excels as a sanctuary of surf, with part of it included in the World Surfing Reserves, the first of its kind in Europe and one of nine around the world.

Photographing Surf
This tour gives participants the opportunity to take photographs of surfers in the peak of the action at some of the most popular surf spots on the coast line close to Lisbon. Although I am not a specialist when it comes to photographing surf, I’ve photographed it long enough to know a few tricks. In fact, I’ve photographed multiple water sports, from boat racing to wind surf, for decades, so surf is just an ongoing activity in terms of photography, because it is there, on the coastal areas I move through regularly.

The "Spirit" of Surf
From the classic longboard from the origins of surf to modern surfboards, for all tastes, everything appears on this stretch of coast, and most of it can be photographed from the safety of land. The “spirit” of the activity is still found at

some of these places, and that creates the opportunity for some extra images that give context to any story about surf.

Surfers and Surfscapes

Photographing surf is also about the landscapes, many times unique, where the activity happens. It made complete sense to create a unique photo tour which mixes the extreme action of surf with the quietness of some of those stretches of coast. This photo tour creates the conditions for that experience. A 4-wheel drive is a fast way to move between some of these places for unique photo opportunities themed around the “spirit of surf” on the only official surf sanctuary in Europe.

Where: Atlantic Coast (Portugal)
When: by arrangement
Cost: €70/person
Group Size: 3
Highlights: From the action of surfers to the quietness of the landscapes, a trip through the surf sanctuary of Europe.
Registration: To register, or if you have any questions, please send email to info[at]joseantunes[dot]com.