field studio flowers

When photographing flowers in the field you do not always have to include the background. For multiple reasons, aesthetic and practical, you may want to do something different, usually a completely white background, which allows you to create a cutout of the flower, like those sought by many image banks, done at the moment of capture.

Meet Your Neighbours
This is achieved through a special technique used in the international project Meet Your Neighbours, which aims to show fauna and flora that by being so close to us we tend to forget. Photographing this way is not just the challenge of learning a new technique, which is cool and adaptable to many other subjects. It is also a way to do something meaningful with your images: maybe organize a slideshow or exhibit in a local school, community centre, and show your human neighbours all the other neighbours living nearby. I bet they will be surprised with the photos of things they know shown against white backgrounds.

Photographing Flowers
Explore the technique with me, learning the basics to build your own collection of flowers and other subjects. This is a unique experience on the use of flash,

diffusers and reflectors, all done in a studio that goes everywhere, and allows you to photograph flowers in their natural settings.

This workshop is better suited for Canon users, as I know the system inside out when it comes to flash and how it works. Other camera brands are welcome, but you’ve to know the basics of how your flash system and your camera work together. Bring your camera and gear! If you use Canon you'll have the chance to experiment with some of the stuff I use, like the Phottix Odin flash triggers, but even if you've other brands there's a chance to try the Phottix Atlas triggers that are not brand specific.

Where: Outdoors or indoors, depending on subject and weather
When: by arrangement
Cost:  €200 first photographer / €40 additional photographers
Group Size: 3
Highlights: Flower photography in a field studio using flashes and special accessories, to create images as those published.
Registration: To register, or if you have any questions, please send email to info[at]joseantunes[dot]com.